Claire  Lovell      All oils

Stormy Skies Over Crichowell
12 x 16 inches  725

Rooftops & Speckled Sky, Assos
16 x 24 inches,  1100

Waiting for the Ferry, Orkney
12 x 24 inches  950

Sunflowers, Provence
10 x 12 inches  550

Stormy Day
10 x 12 inches  550

Sun, Sea & Sails
8 x 20 inches  650

Dawn Light, Salcombe
12 x 24nches  900

From the Terrace, Assos, Kefalonia

18 x 24 inches   1,200

I paint with oils, mainly. I love big open spaces, light spaces, big areas of colour, the sea in particular with all its drama, changing light and movement.

Inland I enjoy my local countryside and birdlife, and get fired up when visiting the fish markets and fruit stalls with their exciting shapes and colours, which will often end up being painted before being cooked up for a delicious meal!

I use a combination of brush and palette knife to apply paint.